What Service We Provide

Our company is providing digital utility services on blockchain platform.

Send CPR

Send cipher to your friends or anyone by using your own ethereum wallet.

Receive CPR

Receive cipher from your friends or anyone by providing your own ethereum wallet.

Pay Online

Use Cipher to buy our online products and utility services..

What We Do For You

Cipher smart card = Accuracy, Accountability, Traceable, Auditable & New Economy.

We Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer CPR

We made simple and smartest ways to select your payment methods to get CPR

Give Your Information to Sender

Every transaction have the unique details to identify the sender and receiver.

Account statement

Monthly account statement will available to view it and you can download it for your auditing purposes.

Why Choose us

Transparency, Decentralised, Irreversible Digital Smart Contracts.

Fast Transfer

Transfer in seconds, anytime and anywhere.

Low cost

Lowest transfer and converting charges applicable.

Trusted and secure

We use reliable technology which you can trust.

Complete Solution

Every transaction is recorded and is always accessible.

Cipherchain powered by Ethereum blockchain

We are delighted with Ethereum blockchain technology and wanted to implement in our business. Tokenized business is future and technology provides the opportunity to work and grow. Decentralisation and smart contract is made easy to bind between human and utilise the capability of the technology.

Our Mission

Use the technology utmost. Give the opportunity to everyone. Empower the Community.

Our Vision

Our business development and services is to be decentralised with transparency. Every person who is involved in the business will adhere to compliance.

Our Goal

We want to build and grow our business in every country. We aim to serve billions of people.

Our programs

Our programs and partners

We carefully selected list of services, product and partners to serve you better.